Your Website Analyzed and/or Optimized for Peak Performance

Why Analyze?

With high hopes, a talent, product or idea, you designed your business website, ready to quit your "day job" when the visitors swarmed your site. You watched your page counter anxiously to count visitors that will order from your website. And if you did your homework, your counter is getting hundreds of visitors daily, and at least one in ten is placing an order for your product or service. {You DID give your page a counter right?}

But - if your counter is only counting "your" visits to look at your website - and you are losing hope of becoming a successful Netpreneur - you might need an Internet Consultant.

Perhaps rather than "Why Analyze" you need to know "What to analyze"! Where do you stand in search engine ranking? What keywords are used? What META tags and TITLE tags are used? Is the content of the page optimized for higher search engine ratings? Am I playing in the same ballpark with my top competitors? If you don't know the answers, then you need an Internet Consultant.

Matzo's Net offers the following services {please note: these are services NOT programs - a real person is doing your selected analysis for you. It could take up to 48 hours to get your analysis.}

Basic Report: Price $10.00

It is essential to create a list of the most popular and effective keywords and phrases that apply to your Web site. Check your rankings in the Reporter for that keyword list.

WordTracker Keywords: Price $25.00

Provides you with a list of keywords and phrases to target that are most popular.

The first step to successfully promoting your Web site to the search engines is to create a list of keywords and phrases to target. If you choose the wrong keywords, all your efforts will be in vain! For example, if your site appears at the top of the search results for a keyword that few people actually search for, then what good is that top ranking? Few people will find your site. Fortunately, Wordtracker Keywords will show you exactly which keywords are the most popular.

However, if you choose keywords that are too competitive, you may find it very difficult and time-consuming to achieve a top ranking. Therefore, it's important you target the most popular but least competitive keywords you can find. This is called the Keyword Effectiveness Index (KEI).

Lastly, the keywords you choose must be highly relevant to the products and services that your business offers. So, put yourself in the shoes of your prospect. Ask yourself what they would type into a search engine to locate what you have to offer. Don't worry, Wordtracker Keywords will help you brainstorm ideas and create a great list of keywords within minutes.

Target the wrong keywords and all your efforts will be in vain. Choose the right keywords, and you'll see your traffic skyrocket. Therefore, think long and hard on what keywords people are likely to use to find you.

Have you ever heard from someone who attained a top 10 position in a major search engine and the person was elated at how much new traffic flooded into his or her Web site. You'd expect them to be happy with such an outcome, right? But sometimes you hear from someone else who also achieved a top 10 ranking but they become disappointed when just a handful of visitors show up. How can two people achieve high rankings and have such markedly different outcomes? Simple. The person in the first example selected a keyword or phrase that many people are searching on, and the second did not!

The question to ask yourself is how do you really know if you're optimizing your pages for keywords that Web surfers are looking for? There are several good techniques you can apply to determine what people might be searching for:

a) Put yourself in their shoes and brainstorm.
b) See what keywords your competitors are targeting to spur new ideas.
c) Organize and focus your keywords into short phrases, etc.

Meta Manager: Price $10.00

Check and update the often-critical Title and Meta tags on your site. The text found in the META Description tag will be displayed to the user in the search results for many engines. Therefore, it pays to craft a good description so that you not only rank well, but so people will actually click on your link once they see it.

Link Defender: Price $10.00

Defend your web site from broken links. Broken links often creep into a site unnoticed. Link Defender will do a thorough and extensive scan of your site to check for broken links or images.

WebTrend Analytics: Price $25.00

Understand exactly which engines and keywords drive the most qualified, highly-targeted traffic to your site. Analytics enables you to more wisely invest your time and money in search activities by allowing you to distinguish between organic and paid search results, drill down into results by search engine or search phrase, and to integrate cost data for complete ROI {Return On Investment} analysis.

Code Defender: Price $10.00

Make it more difficult for competitors to decipher your code and can improve the speed at which your page loads.
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